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Are you ready to disrupt Agriculture?

We are.

The path forward...

Modern FarminG


Modern open field farming is unsustainable, toxic to the environment and to the humans who eat the produce. 

Worried about the future we are leaving our children, we decided to found AgroMe on the first day of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, to remind ourselves every year our mission to curb the environmental impact of open field, petrochemical and pesticide based farming.

For the past 12,000 years humans have been systematically clearing land for agriculture and negatively impacting the environment in order to produce food for an ever growing population.

Our mission is clear: Disrupt traditional agriculture and help drive our civilization to Evolve Past The Neolithic™. 


Rice is the world's most important grain, and yet it is not successfully grown in Controlled Environment Conditions (CEA) to this day.


Very few people have ever been able to systematically grow rice plants under CEA conditions that could actually produce the rice seed.


Wit our technology we've been able to reproduce all the conditions and grow rice under 100% CEA conditions with LED lighting and organic fertilizer and a soil-less substrate.


That was our first project to prove to ourselves that we could grow anything, anywhere.


Growing rice under CEA conditions, we realized that irrigation systems for complex plants had not been developed to date, so we set out to refine our inventions a patent our own irrigation technology.

After filing our first patent applications, we embarked on releasing first products: 

HydroGrid™ the only intelligent robotic irrigation system on the planet, that can deliver specific nutrients to individual plants in an affordable manner.

SenseGrid™ the only universal and cost effective sensing and actuator system that is able to perform control, collect data in real time and consolidate it on IoT dashboards.

ANC Open Agriculture Architecture™ a secure and open platform that can work standalone or integrate easily with other platforms and IoT frameworks. All of our products are built using this architecture making them open and free from vendor lock-in.


And this is just the beginning.

We want to enable a new generation of growers to grow complex and diverse species in Controlled Environment Agriculture in ways that were impossible to this day. 

Let's evolve past the neolithic together and into a new age of sustainable agriculture for our home planet and beyond. 

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